Software and Automation Sector Companies

The aims of our committee are as follows;

  • To ensure the digitalization of our industry by using nationally developed information technology,
  • value added and competitiveness; To make studies in order to have a high structure,
  • Determining and implementing the roadmap with the coordination and cooperation of all stakeholders in the ecosystem in the digitalization process,
  • Contributing to the acceleration of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry in our country,
  • Developing the value creation potential with efficiency and productivity increases at every stage of the digitalization, horizontal and vertical integration value chain in the manufacturing industry
  • To determine which components of human, technology, infrastructure, suppliers and communication systems with users are suitable for our companies,
  • Indigenization of software needs and increasing its efficiency,
  • Developing software and automation systems that will allow the sequential stages of the software development process to be carried out simultaneously,
  • Automation and process, process; To be able to put forward the regulations that will enable the companies related to digitalization to develop and become a world brand
  • The culture of collaborations and co-creation; improve
  • To carry out the studies specified in the Permanent Directive on the Formation and Duties of Technical Subcommittees,


Needs of land, air and naval platforms, defense aviation and space industries;