Test and Certification Companies

The aims of our committee are as follows;

  • &Oum;Primarily in the fields of aerospace, including all kinds of military standards; determination of test needs,
  • Taking an inventory of current testing capability,
  • To create the infrastructure that can meet the needs with national and accredited facilities,
  • Do studies on standards, testing, certification and qualification
  • To increase the competencies of our laboratories that test and issue certificates, and companies that issue qualification certificates,
  • To provide information flow,
  • Determining new testing needs and accreditation needs of laboratories,
  • Developing advice on industry needs
  • To carry out the studies specified in the Permanent Directive on the Formation and Duties of Technical Subcommittees


Needs of land, air, naval platforms, satellite, satellite launch and ground systems, defense aviation and space sectors; all kinds of standards, testing, certification and qualification issues are within the scope of this committee.