You can drive your CNC machine tools by SolidCNC software.SolidCNC CAD/CAM Software lets you create tool paths for cutting and machining parts.Milling and wire-EDM are among the applications.It is possible to generate from 2 to 5 Axis tool paths.You may even get 6 axis paths for robots by configuring the post processor settings.Here are several applications where you may use SolidCNC software :Mold and die machining , electrode machining , robotics , 4 axis continuous rotary machining applications ,wood works , artistic and hobby machining...

SolidCNC has basic modeling functionality for making curves and surfaces to help you with manufacturing tasks.

SolidCNC CAD-CAM System

Compact cutting module

Ply cutter module

Multi axis aluminum profile machining module

Wire EDM module

Mechatronic CNC Spin Forming Module

Post processor and kinematic simulation functions

SolidCNC Altında Moduleworks İşleme Modülü

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