New Senses Uzay Teknoloji ve Sağlık Araştırmaları A.Ş.

At the beginning of this new age, the developments and innovations in economic and social life are also the beginning of a process in which a new, strong and creative human model will emerge. While science and technology are developing rapidly, human beings are being endowed with bionic abilities that enable them to keep pace with them, to be active, to see the future, to know and express themselves, and to make the most of the possibilities offered by the environment and technology. For these reasons, our human and artificial intelligence company took its first step toward commercialization in 2015 with a business idea that won it second prize in the Tübitak 2238 College Entrepreneurship Program. At the end of the two-year training and development process of İTUe Çekirdek entrepreneurs, we officially entered the business world by benefiting from the Tübitak 1512 funding program. With our work focused on artificial intelligence, we have received 5 national and 2 international awards. We continue our activities on 3 continents by maintaining the enthusiasm of the first day. With the agreement we signed with New Ainalyze Inc (USA) and Altered Future OÜ (EU), we continue our activities globally from March 2022.

Yazılım Mühendisliği (Software Engineering)

Büyük Veri Analitiği (Big Data Analytics)

Akustik Cihaz Teknolojileri (Acoustic Device Technologies)

Giyilebilir Teçhizatlar (Wearables)

Tıbbi Ürünler ve Malzemeler (Medical Products and Materials)


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