Bilişim AŞ. is a financially and organizationally independent Turkish company established in 1985, as a Software House and a Consulting Firm, expert in Information Systems.

A leading software house and a consulting enterprise, Bilişim AS has been developing its own web-based enterprise software products on JEE and .NET platforms with a multi-tier architecture and offers its customers state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning and Management Information System Solutions. bilişimHR Human Resources System, bilişimBYS Document Management and Work Flow System, and  bilişimERP Enterprise Resource Planning System are some of the original enterprise software products developed by Bilişim AŞ. on JEE platforms.

Bilişim AŞ. has successfully achieved a series of the most important Management Information Systems, and other large scale information systems and services in Turkey, including the projects of the following ministries: Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications; Ministry of Family and Social Policies; Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources; Ministry of Justice; as well as many other projects in different industrial fields, both in public and private sectors, including large state-owned banks, private schools, hospitals, and industrial enterprises.

Bilişim AŞ. enjoys the pleasure and pride of having concluded over 300 projects with outstanding success, in line with the vision it established from its foundation on, according to the vision, mission and quality policy it adopted.

Having realized projects on computer equipments of various companies, Bilişim AŞ. has been collaborating with major national and international systems integrators.

Bilişim AŞ. has also undertaken projects supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP/UNOPS) and the World Bank (IBRD) through international competition and concluded them successfully.

Bilişim AŞ. has the ISO 9001:2008 Standard Quality Certificate in its software design, production, consulting and support activities and services.

Prof. Dr. Aydın Köksal, the Founder and President of Bilişim AŞ. has been a pioneer in all stages of the development of the informatics sector in Turkey, from the generation of the Turkish informatics terminology (more than 2.500 terms, such as bilgisayar (computer), donanım (hardware), yazılım (software), bilişim (informatics), etc. to the foundation of the Turkish Society for Informatics (TBD, 1971), from the establishment of the first service centers to the organization of the first Computer Engineering Department in Turkey (Hacettepe University) at doctoral (1973) and bachelor levels (1977) to the establishment of the first companies which have formed the kernel of the software industry at the application software level.

We believe that our success in designing reliable, technologically up-to-date information systems is due to our independent position in the professional arena, on the one hand, and to our highly qualified, experienced computer engineers, on the other hand. The team work that we have always been developing in our in-house relationships, as well as in our relationships with our clientele, is our most important asset.

Thus, our industrial and human approach made it possible to develop our own know-how to design, and/or implement, economically viable, innovative, and technically reliable lasting solutions.

Bilişim AŞ. made up of about 80 experts in Ankara and İstanbul, a dynamic and easily expandable professional team due to the academic human resources related to the faculty membership and wide social and professional activity of its leader. Some of its senior computer engineers, field specialists and technical managers have been working in Bilişim AŞ. for more than 20 years, developing management information systems and application software solutions which have been used reliably in most important large organizations and institutions in Turkey.

The majority of Bilişim AS.’s staff is able to use Turkish and English in their professional practice. Dr. Köksal, an outstanding project manager, masters Turkish, English, French and Italian at excellent level, and may communicate in German and Spanish. Dr. Köksal has personally been the principle responsible of Turkish informatics terminology and documentation standards at national level.

Adnan Binyazar, a renowned Turkish writer, has depicted his personality in an article entitled “Aydın Köksal Enlightenment” (2010) as follows: “He is like alluvium rich deep rivers. In spite of his many achievements, Aydın Köksal has been one of those rare people whose character remains unbewildered by success. He always keeps amassing his workload. This aspect of his personality gives him also the fortitude to overcome obstacles and pains.”

Bilişim AŞ. has, on behalf of Turkey, the honor of being the winner of the 2009 Gold Medal Award of the USA based Computerworld Honor Program by our e-Justice system, developed and implemented for the Turkish Ministry of Justice (UYAP Project, a Havelsan-Bilişim joint venture). This award is bestowed worldwide (as gold, silver and bronze medals) each year to countries that have implemented the most innovative governmental information systems, using the highest technology, and having the utmost public impacts.

As a Business Partner of ORACLE since 1992, Bilişim AS. was awarded the “Best Business Partner Prize” in 1999-2000 Sales Period” and the “Best e-Business Management Systems Integrating Solution Prize ” in 2001 by ORACLE.

Bilişim AŞ., due to its dynamic structure, and its foremost initiative, is also one of the members of Turkish Informatics Industry Association (TÜBİSAD), and one the partners of Turkish Informatics Foundation (TBV), a non-profit body, established in 1994 with the partnership of 45 major informatics firms and 57 personalities in Turkey, to organize and support financial, social and legal aspects to favour the further development of the emerging Turkish Software Industry.

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