The purpose of SAHA Istanbul Training Committee is the determination, planning and organization of the training needs of the Defense, Aerospace and Space sectors and member companies, and the development of the institutional capacity of the members by meeting these needs.

The main duties of the Training Committee are as follows.

  • Carry out necessary studies for the training of qualified technical personnel needed by the Defense, Aerospace and Space industry,
  • Developing private sector cooperation models that will eliminate the technical education experience and internship deficiencies of Technical School graduates,
  • Contribute to the realization of education planning activities in the academy-public-industry triangle in order to bring graduates who meet the needs of the sector,
  • Carry out studies for training and talent management trainings compatible with talent,
  • To carry out the necessary studies in cooperation with other NGOs, public institutions and organizations in order to provide the trainings needed by the companies in the sector primarily within the scope of SAHA Academy,
  • Take into account the demands of other Technical Committees, at the stage of determining the training needs,
  • Operate within the framework of the Vocational and Technical Cooperation Protocol in the schools determined to train the qualified manpower needed by the sector,
  • Contributing to the determination of future requirements and training standards in line with the changing technology for the Defense, Aerospace and Space sectors,
  • Carry out work on incentive systems for companies that employ certified personnel and want to obtain certificates.