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The story of Secunnix's founding began with the step the company founders took into the world of Cyber Security in 2006. Working and producing in many different areas of Cyber Security in those years, the team contributed greatly to the formation of the foundation of Cyber Security in Turkey. Producing countless successes and dozens of projects Our founding staff came together to establish Secunnix to bring a different perspective to the Cyber Security ecosystem.

It is one of the rare staff that proved its competence from past to present by completing the Tübitak Cyber Competition, the first state-sponsored Cyber Security competition in Turkey 2013-2014, in the first place. Secunnix team, who is aware of the fact that Cyber Security is not just about written rules, offers you, our valued customers, different It tries to present a Cyber Security structure. While following the events and developments very closely on behalf of Cyber Security, it also shares with you the smallest security violations that may go unnoticed. Our company, which has made it a corporate necessity to work with successful staff with high communication quality, offers solutions to technical problems by considering different perspectives. Our working philosophy based on customer satisfaction is an indispensable company value. We implement all our work and innovations in order to provide quality service to our customers.

Siber Güvenlik Danışmanlık ve Eğitim (Cybersecurity Consultation and Training)

Siber Güvenlik Olay Yönetimi (Cybersecurity Event Management)

Siber Güvenlik Operasyonları (Cybersecurity Operations)

Siber İstihbarat (Cyber Intelligence)

Cyber Security



Sender Domain Analyzer

URL Analyzer

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