Mavinci Bilişim Sanayi ve Tic. A.S.was founded by Muhammed Salih Çetin in 2013 with the aim of making a difference in national and international areas. Mavinci, which started operating in Gölbaşı Teknokent campus, has been working under the roof of Hacettepe Teknokent since 2015. Developing original, critical, national technologies and capabilities, Mavinci is taking firm steps towards becoming a leading R&D company in the security and defense industry by making a difference in security, defense, informatics and industrial applications.

Standing out especially with its software development, technical support, field expertise and consultancy capacity, Mavinci also offers solutions in operational areas and produces innovative technologies with its expert staff. In this context, developing new technologies and innovative solutions in operational areas such as Nuclear Safety Research and Analysis, Disaster and Emergency Management, Decision Support Systems, Command and Control Systems, Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Security Solutions, Image Processing, Modeling, Simulation and Project Management aims to produce network-centric key products.

Having acquired TTSO in 2016 to produce nuclear safety solutions, Mavinci entered the European market with Mavinci UK, which it established in the UK in 2020 with its rapid growth momentum.

It continues its R&D activities with more than 70 employees and qualified engineers who are partners in this success.

Harmonized Artificial Intelligence Real-Time Platform

Cloud Based Integrated Business Management

Application Infrastructure Platform

Critical Infrastructure Security

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