HAVELSAN is the leading technology company established in 1982 with the domestic and national resources and equities of our nation. HAVELSAN develops indigenous systems for domestic and foreign military, public and private sector and provides smart solutions based on today’s stateof-the-art technologies.
In addition to production of command & control and combat systems for the Turkish Air and Naval Forces, HAVELSAN also makes simulators, using higher local content rate, for any type of LAND, NAVAL and AIR platforms. HAVELSAN is the most important e-government transformation company of Turkey with the projects such as election systems, land registry and cadastral systems and National Judiciary network. HAVELSAN is also a solution partner of the uninterrupted, secure and reliable service with the national and cyber security systems it designs and produces.

Görüntü/Desen İşleme Teknolojisi (Image/Pattern Processing Technology)

İnsansız Kara, Deniz ve Hava Araçları (Unmanned Land / Sea / Air Vehicles)

Ağ Yönetim Sistemleri (Network Management Systems)

Haberleşme ve KBS (Komuta ve Bilgi Sistemleri) Güvenlik Sistemleri (Communications & CIS Security Systems)

Askeri İstihbarat (Military Intelligence)

Denizaltı Bilgi Dağıtım Sistemleri (Submarine Information Distribution Systems)

Gemi Veri Dağıtım Sistemleri (Ship Data Distribution Systems)

Komuta Kontrol Bilgi Yönetimi (Command Control Information Management)

Komuta Kontrol Sistemleri (Command & Control)

Platform Komuta Kontrol Yazılımları (Platform Command Control Software)

Ağ Güvenliği (Network SecurityAğ Güvenliği)

Mesajlaşma ve İletişim Güvenliği (Messaging and Communication Security)

Siber Güvenlik Danışmanlık ve Eğitim (Cybersecurity Consultation and Training)

Komuta ve Personel Eğitim Sistemleri (Command & Staff Training Systems)

Taktik / Mürettebat Eğitim Sistemleri (Tactical/Crew Training Systems)

Command Control and Defense Technologies

Education and Simulation Technologies,

Information and Communication Technologies

Homeland Security and Cyber Security Solutions


Unmanned Land Vehicles

Combat Management System

Unmanned Surface Vehicle

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

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