ODAK Committee


  • Purpose of the Committee:

To develop new technologies for combating natural and man-made disasters, to carry out studies to use the capacity/capabilities of the defense industry to prevent and combat forest fires, earthquakes, and disasters and to eliminate the damages caused by them.

  • Duties:
  1. To develop procedures and methods for the use of the capabilities and capacity of the defense industry in the prevention of forest fires, earthquakes, and disasters in our country.
  2. To contribute to the development of new technologies or adaptation of existing technologies needed in this field.
  3. To ensure the development of early warning, news, dissemination, warning, and alarm systems at the national level to detect forest fires, earthquakes and disasters in advance and take precautions.
  4. To develop projects to raise the technological level and increase innovation capability in preventing and combating forest fires, earthquakes, and disasters,
  5. To support projects carried out across the country for the development of life-saving technologies in natural disasters such as earthquakes.
  6. To contribute to the regulation and legislation studies to be carried out on these issues.
  7. To carry out the necessary developmental and transformative studies for the use of various platforms, systems and subsystems produced for defense purposes in forest fires, earthquakes, and disasters.
  8. To develop domestic and national technologies needed for defense against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats.
  9. To organize joint studies by investigating the possibilities of cooperation between the public, universities, research centers and member companies on these issues.
  10. To examine the usability of the studies and/or projects carried out in other committees in combating forest fires, earthquakes, and natural disasters and to ensure the development/transformation of appropriate projects.
  11. To follow the developments in the international arena on these issues and to carry out studies to keep the level of technological readiness up to date.