AS Defense Industry

As AS Defense Industry, which started its activities in 2020 and continues its activities with its competent staff from two centers together with Ankara Gölbaşı R&D Office, apart from its Istanbul Head Office, it functions as a natural bridge between both East-West and North-South axes. We continue on our way in order to make the maximum contribution to the investment, export, production and employment potential of Turkey, which is an effective and cost-effective center for major markets, in terms of the Defense and Aviation Industry.

Our Password: Being Local and National

Our motto in this journey is based on the goal of being local and national. Because we know that no matter how great success is achieved in other fields, it is not possible for countries that cannot be independent in the defense industry to look to the future with confidence. The biggest example of this success is our Turkey. Thanks to the breakthroughs it has made in the defense industry in recent years, our country has become a playmaker in its region and has disrupted the established dirty games. This success is the most important motto that inspires us as well as all over the world.

Getting Potential Correctly

The economic development performance of our country, which has easy access to a population of 1.5 billion and a market worth 24 trillion US dollars in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa and Central Asia within a 4-hour flight radius, has increased the per capita income of 3.581 US dollars in 2002. increased from the dollar level to $ 9,632 in 2018. Our country is the 11th largest economy in the world in terms of GDP per capita among countries with a population of over 50 million.

As a reflection of our country's economic development performance, the Turkish defense and aerospace industry has undergone a comprehensive transformation in the last ten years, as in every field. With its unique achievements in recent years, Turkey is one of the fastest developing countries in the fields of defense and aerospace. The experience and importance given to quality by the Turkish defense and aerospace industry, which undertakes many different initiatives, offers products that compete on a world scale, and plays key roles in international projects, is clearly evident.

What We Do, What We Produce

When the sectoral dynamics are examined, it is seen that Turkey is one of the countries that spend the highest on defense. In 2018, Turkey ranked 15th among the world's largest defense budgets, with a defense expenditure of 19 billion USD. The business volume of the defense industry has doubled in the last ten years, reaching USD 8.8 billion in 2018. In parallel with the development in the Turkish aerospace and defense industry in the last ten years, export and international cooperation opportunities have increased for Turkish companies and naturally for us as AS Defense.

With its qualified workforce and advanced technology infrastructures, AS Defense Industry and Technology offers global solutions that meet the local requirements of both the Turkish market and many countries. In this context, we operate in many critical areas of the defense and aerospace industry, from developing original designs to domestic production, from modernization to modification, from R&D studies to international projects.

As the AS Defense Industry and Technology team, we offer high-tech and cost-effective solutions at NATO standards for various types of land vehicles needed by the world's armies, especially our Turkish Armed Forces. In this context, we have a product portfolio of Level 1 Unmanned Ground Vehicle and Light Class Unmanned Ground Vehicle (AS02). In addition, unmanned aerial and underwater vehicles and health systems continue their R&D studies.

Level 1 Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Light Class Unmanned Ground Vehicle

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