Our company, which was established in 1997 with the aim of meeting the developing technology and service requirements in our country, has been developing as a solution center for Power Electronics since 1999 and has made a significant progress. In time, with the engineering, design and production capabilities it has acquired, it has realized important projects in its field and newly opened areas. Our company focuses on providing high quality solutions in all areas where high technology and knowledge is needed. Our company is proud to serve our customers and country by adding new products, solutions and services among the ongoing projects and products. Our team will be happy to visit you if you want to get detailed information about our projects. In order to reach the level of modern civilization in the technological field, it is necessary to evaluate the time and opportunities as efficiently, usefully, consciously, as well as perseverance, faith, will and power with the light of science. Of course, “the essence of life, to create and live values worthy of civilized man” principle. You also adopt the principle of METHODS, if you want to benefit from our services, please contact us. Respects…

Şifreleme / Kripto Teknolojileri (Encryption / Crypto Technologies)

Diğer Elektriksel Güç Kaynakları ve Cihazları (Other Electrical Power Sources & Devices)

Uzay Aracı Fırlatma Sistemleri (Space Launchers)

Dayanıklı Tablet Bilgisayarlar (Rugged Tablet PCs)

Beceri Eğitim Sistemleri (Skills Training Systems)

Komuta ve Personel Eğitim Sistemleri (Command & Staff Training Systems)

Sanal Gerçeklik (Virtual Reality)

Sentetik Ortamlar - Doğal Ortam Oluşturma (Synthetic Environments - Natural Environment Generation)

Sentetik Ortamlar - Sentetik Kuvvet Oluşturma (Synthetic Environments - Synthetic Force Generation)

Sentetik Ortamlar – Yönetim Sistemleri (Synthetic Environments - Management Systems)

Taktik / Mürettebat Eğitim Sistemleri (Tactical/Crew Training Systems)

Roket Motorları, Güdümlü Füzeler (Rocket Motors, Guided Missiles)

Roketler, Uzay Ve Askeri, Tam (Rockets, Space and Millitary, Complete)

Uzay Aracı Ekipmanları, Nec (Space Vehicle Equipment, Nec)

Uzay Tahrik Üniteleri Ve Parçaları (Space Propulsion Units and Parts)

UV-C Air Disinfection Device

Marine Training Sets and Equipment

Aviation Trainers and Equipment

Eletric-Electronic Training Sets and Equipment

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