Altan Hidrolik Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

ALTAN HYDRAULIC was founded in 1989 by TEVFIK ALTAN, an entrepreneur and an engineer, and with his brothers, as a family company for the supply and integration of Hydraulic Materials / Equipment, and started to provide Goods and Services to organizations operating in the field of Industry.  The structure of the company was revised in 1998 with the decisions taken towards institutionalization, and the company was renamed as ALTAN HIDROLIK MUHENDISLIK SANAYI VE TICARET A.Ş and still continues its activities as a pioneering institution in its sector.

ALTAN HİDROLİK provides Design, Production, Maintenance and Logistics services as a solution partner to its various sizes of customers who are active in the Automotive-OEM, Construction Machinery-OEM, Machine & Robotics-OEM, Defense Industry, Mining, Marine and several other industries. On the other hand, including its web-based Online sales channel, thanks to its Mobile Service Tools which allows providing solutions both at its branches and in the Customer's own site as needed, it provides services with its wide range of High-Quality Technical Products for the Maintenance, Repair and Revision needs of its customers.

In addition, ALTAN HİDROLİK may carry out customized product design with Installation Design, Complete System Design to suit the production requirements of its customers or may conduct joint engineering studies with its customers upon request.  ALTAN HİDROLİK, which has created a deep knowledge in the fields of flow technologies, power transmission systems and components for more than 30 years since its establishment, provides the availability, and timely delivery of all the products required by its customers with its supply chain managed efficiently thanks to its digitalization activities and strong infrastructure.

As a complementary side activity to its work in all areas, ALTAN HİDROLİK also provides sales, installation, service and application services of Eaton, Airflex Brake-Clutch Elements for special applications with Hydraulic Hose Manufacturing Machines, Hydraulic Plumbing Pipe Manufacturing Machines.

In conclusion; ALTAN HYDRAULIC conveys its expertise to its customers in accordance with the principle of sustainability by always working productively and efficiently, helps them make their businesses more reliable and more efficient, and provides added value to the industry, Turkey and the World at any moment by offering the support they need in their work to all organizations they cooperate with. 

Bilgi Tabanlı Mühendislik (Knowledge-based Engineering)

Güç İletim Ekipmanları, Motorlu Taşıt (Power Transmission Equipment, Motor Vehicle)

Automotive-OEM Customer Special Designs and Products

Hose, Hose Fittings and Sockets, Pipes

Quick Coupler and Flange

Hydraulic System Equipment

Measuring and Testing Equipment


Brake and Clutch Systems

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