Promet Bilgi Sistemleri A.Ş.

Who are we?
Promet was founded in 2008 by a team with many years of industry experience.
With our goal of being a reliable source to be consulted in information technology investments, we offer services with a solution-oriented professional structure and pro-active understanding.
As a system integrator company that constantly develops itself, grows healthy and is assertive, we have been moving forward in line with our goals from the first day.
Specializing in providing custom software solutions, Promet Information Systems contributes to Turkey's leading public institutions with the software solutions it produces using the ISO/IEC TR15504 (SPICE 2 Organizational Maturity Certificate) standard.

What are we doing?
Today's information technologies require the creation and integration of solutions that are increasing day by day, requiring multimedia, different architectures, complex products and different brands.
With the solution approach and service approach that we call the new generation system integration; We provide operational efficiency and continuity to our customers and add value to their businesses with unique solutions.
We use our application competence, experience, agility, skill and determination of our constantly learning organization to provide the most effective solutions with the most appropriate infrastructure, architecture and technologies.
We produce contemporary and reliable software solutions using the ISO/IEC TR15504 (SPICE 2 Organizational Maturity Certificate) standard.

Our Mission
To provide new generation system integration and software development services with a professional and pro-active approach, research and development studies, to all our stakeholders that we serve in the field of information technologies.

Our Vision
To be Turkey's leading and respected new generation system integrator, reliable and leading software company with its flexible, fast and customer-oriented approach and learning organization.

Veri & Bilgi Yönetimi Teknolojisi (Data & Information Management Technology)

Bilgisayar Yazılım Sistemleri Analiz ve Tasarım (Computer Software Systems Analysis and Design)

Özel Bilgisayar Programlama Hizmetleri (Custom Computer Programming Services)

Yazılım Mühendisliği (Software Engineering)

ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

LMS Logistics Management System

FMIS Fleet Management Information System

PMIS Project Management Information System

Rugged Stations

Rugged Servers

Rugged Blade Servers

Rugged Storage

Rugged Mini PCs

ION Rugged Mini PC

BAM Rugged Servers

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