Doruk Otomasyon ve Yazılım San. Tic. A.Ş.

Doruk Automation and Software Inc. is a technology company with an interdisciplinary approach that works for more productive, agile, cost efficient and high quality production through the use of digital tools in Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM).

It has computer, electronic, mechatronic and industrial engineers within its body and develops concept, technology products and services about digitalizing in Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM).

Doruk Automation continues all of its works with the aim of developing world standard products and services and with the principle of carrying these out via restructuring itself in line with world standards.

With its offices in Antalya Teknopark and Teknopark Istanbul that are situated on a nearly 1,500 meter square area, the company that employs more than 70 scientists has been continuing its works with a focus on growing.

Doruk Automation shapes its corporate, technological and commercial activities with its MESA and ISA memberships abroad and KALDER, YASAD, TAYSAD, DEİK/TAİK and DEİK/Japan memberships in Turkey.

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