Selvi Technology was founded in 2010 with the support “Techno-Initiative Capital” of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkey for the purpose of “developing a novel embedded operating system”. It operates in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, autonomous systems, herd systems, internet of objects.

In 2011, mobilative® software was developed with KOSGEB R&D Innovation Support. In 2013 agricultural intelligence portal was developed for Konya Sugar Factory. In 2014 R&D activities were conducted in Special Purpose Land Vehicles Simulators project of DHMI. Agricultural intelligence portal was developed in 2015. In 2016 weather data processing portal was developed. Wind power prediction software by using machine learning for wind farms was developed in 2017.

Since the second quarter of 2017, Selvi Technology has been focused on artificial intelligence. Ongoing projects in the field of artificial intelligence are:

Product Groups

  • Development of a novel payload to perform GNSS independent navigation for UAVs using artificial intelligence-based computer vision (client: The Presidency of Defense Industries, R&D Department)
  • Development of a novel payload to perform autonomous landing for UAVs using artificial intelligence-based computer vision (client: Aselsan)
  • Development of swarm UAV simulation software (client: Havelsan)
  • Development of artificial intelligence based mapping payload for class-0 and class-1 UGVs (client: Altinay Advanced Technologies)
  • 360° environmental awareness payload for forklifts using artificial intelligence (client: Brisa)
  • mobilative® Suru: Swarm intelligence software module for UAVs
  • mobilative® Goru: Environmental awareness payload for platforms including camera
  • mobilative® UYAZ: Flight artificial intelligence for UAVs
  • mobilative® Imge: Training dataset compiler for training of artificial neural networks
  • mobilative® NET: Operation based retrainable artificial neural network
  • mobilative® Niport: Data processing backend portal for IoT applications
  • mobilative® Dugum: Node module for IoT systems
  • mobilative® Gecit: Gateway module for IoT systems

Flight AI

Deep Learning Based Computer Vision Capability

Object Recognition

Input Data Machine Learning

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