PiriReis Information Ltd., founded in 2006, is an innovative, technology-based, young and dynamic Turkish company that offers Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software solutions for public agencies (defense and development purposes), municipalities and private sectors.

Our mission is to become a worldwide preferred software company in GIS that develops technology in international standards and aims to reach a large number of people with its products and services.

In the product portfolio; there are various software solutions for collecting, displaying, sharing, analysis and reporting of geospatial data that are tailored to user needs. Using the latest technologies; PiriReis Information Ltd. offers new generation of solutions for all kinds of geospatial processes, and also develops products and performs R&D studies in areas such as smart cities, geospatial business intelligence at the same time.

PiriReis Information Ltd. who develops her products 100% domestic and native, proudly serves to our country as a native and high technology focused company by supporting compliance to international standards and developing and using new technologies.

Basic products of our company are CitySurf, CitySurfWeb, CitySurfPano, CitySurfMobile. Our CitySurf product is used under the name of Geographical Analysis System (GAS) in Turkish Armed Forces. GAS software platform is 100% native. It has developed completely by Turkish national resources. Our company, which has been carrying out innovative, creative and courageous works in the field of GIS, aims to open up to the international market with the project and software produced entirely by domestic and national.

CitySurf is not only a GIS tool, it is a software platform that can be developed. Different capabilities and modules can be added according to user needs. Additional tailored improvements, adaptations and revisions dedicated to each type of users can be done easily. In this context, GAS-Telemetry module for UAVs and the GAS-VPTS module for vehicle and personnel tracking were developed in cooperation with Baykar Company and ASELSAN respectively. The GAS-Telemetry module was exported to Qatar with the sale of UAV. In addition, GAS-HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Averseness and Warning System) module has been developed to increase helicopter air navigation duty safety for Turkish Armed Forces

PiriReis Information Ltd. was established by three co-founders, completely with domestic capital. The company resides in METU İkizler Building with a total of 45 personnel on an area of 500 m². Our company has the NATO/ National Secret Facility Security Clearance Certificate and ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certificate and the Certificate of Conformity to the DO178B Standard (Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Software and Hardware).

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