ASPILSAN ENERGY was established in 1981 with donations of people in Kayseri organized Industrial Region. At the beginning company fill the demand of the chargeable Ni-Cd battery need, and today we are producing 108 types of battery, 228 different types of battery block, 37 different kinds Ni-Cd aircraft and helicopter batteries. On the other hand, This year we started to production of Energy Storage Unit (Enerji Depolama Sistemleri “EDS”). ASPILSAN ENERGY founded by Turkish Armed Forces Development Foundation and the Company does its design and production in Kayseri. ASPıLSAN ENERGY working for defence industry in TURKEY last 35 years. The first and only company which produces Ni-Cd aircraft and helicopter batteries. Now we started EASA certification process to serve commercial aircrafts as well. ASPILSAN ENERGY’s mission is “To provide the energy solutions by the economic, innovative and when necessary specific and environmentfriendly products.” ASPILSAN ENERGY’s vision is “To be a company which is providing the global energy solutions and increasing in size profitably and

Elektrik Bataryaları ve Kapasitörleri (Electrical Batteries and Capacitors)

Uzay Aracı Fırlatma Sistemleri (Space Launchers)

Haberleşme Sistemleri - Akustik (Communications Systems - Acoustic)

Aküler, Uçak Pervaneleri (Accumulators, Aircraft Propeller)

Uçak Montajları, Alt Montajları ve Parçaları (Aircraft Assemblies, Subassemblies, and Parts)

Nickel Cadmium Battery

Nickel Cadmium Accumulator

Energy Storage Systems

Radio Batteries

System Batteries

Weapon System Batteries




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