Airaks Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi

About us

We have expanded our engineering and technology knowledge we have gained with the critical tasks we have undertaken by taking part in the national, international projects in civil and defence industry with significant investments and today; we operate in a wide range of fields including unmanned automated ground platforms, unmanned naval platforms and tactical unmanned Aerial systems. We produce solutions for the needs of civil, public and private sectors with indigenous and critical systems that we have developed using domestic resources. 

To be the leading industrial industries of Turkey;
We diversify for public and private areas and produce a wide variety of solutions for the military.
Headquartered in Ankara, Airaks Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi enjoys access to simplicity, raw materials,
and access to the young, creative talents essential for sustainable success.
By taking advantage of this sources, it is taking firm steps forward with a global business delivery target. Today, Airaks Technology Corporation defines what should be manufactured as next technology.
Agriculture, defense, search and rescue, disaster relief, and solving needs in use are best thought of as faster realization of new perspectives and solutions.


Agricultural Drone

Mortar Shell Drop Drone System

Rocket Launching Drone System


Guidance System

Surveillance Drone System

Hardcase Grounstation

Mobilized Groundstation

Fire Fighting Drone System

Unmanned Air Vehicles

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