As Blitz Systems, our work started on the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and its subsystems, under the name of “Vega Imaging Systems”. We design and manufacture GIMBAL (ISR) with different configurations between 680 gr and 10 kg. These systems contain creative design, robust communication, control, and image processing software. Our Gimbal ISR systems are being used in manned and unmanned aerial, land, and sea vehicles, and are also suitable for use in region or border surveillance.

Furthermore, we offer various products and services related to optics and imaging systems with the help of our domestic and international solution partners. We also configure our products and services according to our customers' requirements. We provide our services and solutions to many leading institutions and organizations of our country. We continue our work with our innovative, young, dynamic, experienced team and strategic collaborations to accomplish our vision of being a game changer in the national and international market.

Gimbal ISR System

Video Processor

Software and Embedded System Applications

Precision Optics

Electro-Optical Cameras

Image – Video Processing Applications

Control Systems Solutions

Laser Systems

Infrared Camera and Lens

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