MRE Digital Technology It was founded in Istanbul. MRE; It is the developer and manufacturer of technological equipment, especially MRE IIoT, which ensures the monitoring and traceability of the production sites. The high-tech in the world is industry 4.0 and digital transformation technologies perform as the national and local moves in Turkey. It minds factories by collecting digital data of plants and machines. It contributes to the efficiency, quality and capacity of companies. It offers its solutions with wide capabilities to the companies serving the strategic companies of the Defense Industry at the production sites. It is the hardware supplier in the digitalization of the companies from today to tomorrow with the flexibility of communication with the software of all software companies, which provides the tracking of the data in the production sites, with the software developed by the software of the domestic companies, the solution architectures developed by the domestic. It continues its works with the slogan from data to ef.


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