Rotorbit was established in 2014 at Teknopark Istanbul Incubation Centre for the purpose of developing analysis and design software in the field of aerospace. It was supported by TUBITAK TEYDEB 1512 Entrepreneurship Support Program during its establishment. In addition to TEYDEB project, Rotorbit has been working with leading companies in aviation and space such as TUSAS, HAVELSAN, TEI, TUBITAK-Space etc.

Rotorbit has determined its fields of study as scientific computational engineering. More specifically Computational Fluid Mechanics, Computational Structural Mechanics, Flight Mechanics, Stabilization and Control, Modelling, Simulation and Satellite Systems can be counted as main fields of study. Rotorbit is especially capable of analysing in the field of fluid mechanics to cover all speeds from low-speed flows to high-speed and high-energy (hypersonic) flows. An in-house developed software called GAUSS which can analyse the environmental effects on the satellites (thrust system plume analysis, electrical surface loading, contamination, etc.) has been developed and used in TURKSAT6-A development analysis.

Rotorbit started its activities in the field of aeronautical and aerospace engineering by founders with Ph.D.’s from the United States and guided the efforts for the localization of critical software in the field of design and analysis. In addition to the software developed entirely with own resources, it has made improvements on existing proven open source software and made it available to the defence industry. It also exports technology and engineering through scientific computing, machine learning and advanced decision-making systems.

Optimizasyon ve Karar Destek Teknolojisi (Optimisation & Decision Support Technology)

Matematiksel Model Geliştirme (Mathematical Modeling Development)

Yazılım Mühendisliği (Software Engineering)

Yüksek Başarımlı Hesaplama (High Performance Computing)

Akıllı Fabrika Sistemleri (Smart Factory Systems)

Büyük Veri Analitiği (Big Data Analytics)

Modelleme ve Simülasyon Çözümleri (Modelling and Simulation Solutions)

Siber Fiziksel Sistemler (Cyber Physical Systems)

Optimizasyon, Planlama ve Karar Destek Sistemleri (Optimisation, Planning & Decision Support Systems)

Havacılık Ve/Veya Havacılık Mühendisliği (Aviation and/or Aeronautical Engineering)

Eşzamanlı Mühendislik ve Azaltılmış Tasarım Döngüsü (Concurrent Engineering and Reduced Design Cycle)

Elektriksel İtki - Dönel ve Lineer (Electrical Propulsion - Rotary & Linear)

İyon İtici Sistemleri (Ion Thrusters)

Akışkanlar Dinamiği Teknikleri (Fluid Dynamics Techniques)

Aerodinamik Tasarım (Aerodynamic Designs)

Computational Fluid Mechanics

Computational Structural Mechanics

Flight Mechanics, Stabilization and Control


Simulation and Satellite Systems

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