ONATUS Vision Technologies, is an engineering and consultancy company, providing high-tech engineering and consultancy services with its expert personnel since 2013 by continuously updating its experienced proficient personnel in the context of technological developments in line with customer demands and expectations, mainly among metal material manufacturers, defence industry, research centers, academy institutions, automotive, white goods and machinery manufacturing sectors. ONATUS, while developing innovative solutions, has achieved 30% continuous growth and has partnership agreements with specialized research institutions and universities. Today, the competition is no longer in the final product but also in the processes up to the final product. In this context,

Computational Material Engineering, Material Information Technologies,
Data Management Systems
Software Development
Production Simulations (Forging, Welding, Heat Treatment, Sheet Metal Rolling, Extrusion ..), prediction of
possible errors by creating digital numerical models of production methods,
Performance Simulations (Acoustic-Structural Strength-Comfort)
Test(Acoustic&Mechanic Characterization)
accumulates experience in disciplines. Their experience and talents; ONATUS provides software integration,
project-based services, consultancy, and training to its customers and contributes to R & D and product
development processes of its customers with high technology-based data. ONATUS, which has partnership
agreements with important research institutions in our country in the related fields and exports high-tech
engineering directly to the USA, Sweden, England, France, and Germany globally, contributes to dozens of projects
such as Dilek, Örs, Milgem, and Milli Turboşaft Motor realized in our country. continues to work in line.

Software Engineering

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