Merkür Savunma Teknolojileri A.Ş.

Merkur Defense Technologies Inc. "Conducts Studies on New Generation Defense Technologies"

With the increasing use of autonomous systems, the use of technologies for capturing environmental data for intelligence purposes by adding command and control systems, location information (GNSS) and payloads to the system has also begun to increase. These technologies and rapidly developing attack methods in cyberspace threaten the security of countries and institutions. At this point, with the TURA project, Merkür Defense aims to develop local, national and unique cyber security solutions for systems that use similar infrastructures, primarily UAV systems.

However, the increase in malicious use scenarios of easily accessible and usable mini UAV platforms and developing technologies have led to the emergence of new attack methods, which has shown that innovative wearable defense systems are needed in the tactical field. At this point, Merkür Defense aims to ensure the security of "Military Personnel", "Military Vehicles" and "Ammunition" against the changing new battlefield methods in the field of operation with the AYTAR "Wearable Tactical UAV Countermeasure System" it is developing.

RF Algılayıcılar/Aktif (RF Sensors/Active)

RF Algılayıcılar/Pasif (RF Sensors/ Passive)

Dijital Sinyal İşleme Teknolojisi (Digital Signal Processing Technology)

Protokol Teknolojisi (Protocol Technology)

Siber Fiziksel Sistemler (Cyber Physical Systems)

Signal Threat Analyzer (STA)

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