PyData Entegre veri yönetim sistemleri aş

PyData is a Digital Transformation company focused on the development of domestic software products with product engineering support. ​ ​
Benefiting from our founders' more than 30 years of industry experience (IBM, Turkcell, Türk Telekom, Defense Industry, RTÜK, Ministry of Transport, PTT, ..) we have reached a successful point in R&D on domestic software and product development with product engineering support. We have taken reference with our products. ​ ​

We work with ROBUSTA on domestic ERP, enterprise resource planning software Canias and RPA software robots. ​ ​

We also have Business Intelligence, Data Security, GRC, Audio and Video Analysis products. ​ ​

We conduct Artificial Intelligence-based Data Center of Excellence, Data Virtualization and Digital Maturity Analysis.​


Data Analysis

Excellence Data Center

Business Mind

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