Our quality policy;

To Turkish or Foreign Defense, Aviation and Space Industry Industrialists operating or intending to operate in the defence, aerospace and space sectors; To guide in professional, social, technical and economic aspects, to develop the country's aviation, to achieve the goal of producing competitively superior products in the high-tech civil and military Defense, Aviation and Space Sector in the world markets in terms of quality, standard and cost, and to increase the domestic contribution share in the defence industry. and to contribute to the creation of export opportunities in foreign markets, To take all kinds of initiatives to bring investments and production technologies to our country in the joint production programs that Turkey has participated in the aviation and space sector in the domestic market, To support the existing sector representatives in the development of new products and methods, to support the institutions providing technical training on Defense, Aviation and Space, and to ensure the solidarity among their members;

We plan our future goals with a strategic management approach, and we achieve these goals with the active support of our stakeholders.

With learning and developing organizational approach, we lead our employees and members to develop their competencies; recognize, appreciate and reward their achievements.

We provide the training that our member companies need to train their human resources.

We create investment acceleration units and infrastructures for our member companies to turn their R&D investments into final products and enter the market.

Ensure that defence and aerospace products developed by SAHA Istanbul member companies are combined with domestic and foreign buyers, and we organize virtual and physical fair organizations to develop cooperation between our member companies.

By combining the capabilities of our member companies, we ensure the development of national products on a subsystem and system basis.

We evaluate the infrastructures of companies and academic units for the development of critical technologies or products that cannot be produced in Turkey.

We create appropriate platforms to develop university and industry cooperation.

With an effective stakeholder management approach, we establish and develop mutually beneficial relationships with our consultancy and supplier collaborations.

With the member experience management approach, we evaluate the expectations of our stakeholders with the principles of fairness, impartiality and confidentiality, and develop solutions to increase their positive experiences.

With a continuous development approach, we manage our processes with the principle of effectiveness and efficiency and support the institutionalization of ourselves and our member companies.

With the information security approach, we secure the corporate and personal information assets by evaluating them in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.


In this context, 43 of your association's charter. As stated in the article, our association of Turkish Civil Code No. 4721, No. 5253 with the law on associations in fulfilling their obligations under the regulations and the duties and powers of association, in compliance with ISO 9001 Quality Management System Requirements as a policy is committed to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness and improve quality.