The leader of Safe City Technologies, Ekin has been directing the “Safe City” technologies with its leading products since 1998 until today. With its headquarters in Istanbul; the company has branches in Stuttgart, Abu Dhabi, Ankara, Baku,  Dubai and New York and strives for more peaceful and safer lives in cities. Having commenced its activities in the field with the implementation of the safety technologies of 2004 NATO Summit and 2006 Germany FIFA World Cup, Ekin has proved itself internationally by establishing more than 500 City Safety Command and Control Centres and become the most preferred company in its field. Initiated the mobile patrol era in the safe city technologies, Ekin enables each vehicle patrolling in the city to turn into smart patrols being able to recognize faces, speed and plate numbers via EkinPatrol which is a first and only in the world. Software, hardware and designs of Ekin Patrol products which were given many awards by many international platforms belong to Turkish engineers 100%.

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