BVN has been providing millions of ventilation fans of different scales, used in various application areas by thousands of institutions from 82 countries of the world for 30 years. BVN carries out its own design, production, and R&D activities for ventilation fans and external rotor electric motors as part of its wide range of products. Having adopted the end-to-end domestic production philosophy, BVN offer its 100% Made in Turkey products to the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry and other industries with a competitive edge thanks to compliance with international standards, and provides services to its business partners in Turkey and around the world with its professional staff and flexible production capabilities. PRODUCTS Circular Duct Fans Rectangular Duct Fans Kitchen Exhaust Fans Ventilation Units Heat Recovery Device Shelter Fans Roof Fans Exproof Fans Smoke Extraction Fans Axial Cooling Fans Axial Pressurization Fans Industrial Axial Fans Radial Fans Bathroom Fans

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