Logistic & Supply Chain Committee

The purpose of SAHA Istanbul Logistics & Supply Chain Committee; It works to establish Supply Chain Management standards in order to improve the institutional capacity of cluster companies and to implement this system in member companies.

The main duties of the Logistics and Supply Chain Committee are as follows;

Establishing the Supply Chain Management Standard:

  • Develop the Supply Chain Management Standard with the aim of disseminating it throughout the country, especially in SAHA Istanbul,
  • Determining the audit question set and audit scoring methodology for Supply Chain Management Standard audits,
  • Implementation of the Relevant Standard in the candidate companies to be selected and making the Supply Chain Management Standard applicable throughout the country through the application results,
  • Develop and implement the supply chain auditor training program in cooperation with local and national accreditation institutions,
  • Plan and implement Supply Chain Management Standard audits throughout the country, especially for Istanbul members, in cooperation with local and national accreditation institutions,
  • Carry out regular Supply Chain Management Standard audits at Foundation Companies and subcontractors under the coordination of SSB, similar to the SSB EYDEP audit,
  • Determine the Supply Chain Maturity level of Foundation companies and to draw up a roadmap under the coordination of SSB.

Supply Chain Performance Management:

  • Preparing a web-based evaluation question set that measures the current maturity status of SAHA Istanbul members in Supply Chain Management and making it available to the members,
  • Analyze the outputs of the web-based evaluation process that measures the Supply Chain Management maturity status of SAHA Istanbul members and to determine the priority development areas of the members for the supply chain in coordination with the companies providing consultancy services,
  • Determining the performance metrics (KPI) that are planned to be selected from global sources, especially APQC for Supply Chain Management,
  • Measure and record the Supply Chain Management performance metrics of SAHA Istanbul members and to offer a web-based software to the use of the members, which allows them to be compared with global metrics,

Supply Chain Management Trainings and Summit:

  • Examining globally accepted training and certification programs, especially the American CSCP (Certified Supply Chain Professional) certifications, in order to determine the content of training with Universities for the training to be given on Supply Chain Management Specialization,
  • Prepare training programs with universities for Supply Chain Management, especially SAHA Istanbul members, and to ensure that the trainings are organized regularly,
  • Carry out training and seminar activities in cooperation with Universities, TEDAR and LODER associations on Supply Chain Management, to raise awareness of supply chain management in the industry,

Digital Supply Chain Management:

  • Plan digital maturity audits for Saha Istanbul members by cooperating with alternative service providers, especially the Turkish Technology Foundation, and to provide a digitalization roadmap according to the audit results,
  • Provided monthly rental (SaaS model) services for ERP, warehouse management, transportation management, production line scheduling, master data management, configuration management, after-sales services, smart production systems for the needs of SAHA Istanbul members through TÜBİTAK Safir Cloud Computing systems. to prepare software economically,
  • Developing a web-based SAHA-TZY portal for the use of SAHA Istanbul members, sharing capacity information with foreign and domestic customers and SSB defense industry companies for export purposes, and ensuring the management of idle capacity, raw materials and materials that are idle among the members. To ensure the exchange of stocks, to ensure that all kinds of procurement tenders they need, especially domestic and international transportation, current goods and services, which can be jointly organized by the members on the portal, are carried out either closed to the general public or in a way that achieves economies of scale, and jointly with the members,
  • Implement the first "Blockchain" application developed with local and national resources under the name of "Turkish Trade Chain" for the use of SAHA Istanbul members and to carry the SAHA Istanbul supply chain ecosystem to the Blockchain application in the digital environment.
  • Demonstrate the importance of supply chain management throughout the country by organizing the Supply Chain Management Summit every year with the participation of SAHA Istanbul members, to share best practices at global and local level and developments in the academic field.