Getek Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

GETEK was established in 2012 to produce innovative and different solutions in different sectors.

GETEK mainly develops products in the elevator and white goods sectors.

Elevator products include automatic and internal security door control cards, capacitive sensing touch buttons, color TFT screens, dot indicators and voice announcement systems.

White goods products include new generation electronic control systems developed for built-in ovens, hoods, stoves and refrigerators.

Our company has chosen the elements of "being innovative" and "real needs of the customer" as the main targets in the products and projects it works on. From this perspective, it develops products that are either the first in their field or have much higher capacity and features than their equivalents.

GETEK will continue to develop products and solutions in different fields with its R&D capability and experience.

Cihazlar ve Elektromekanik Yapılar (Devices and electromechanical Structures)

Gömülü Yazılım Güvenliği (Firmware Security)

White Goods Electronic Systems (Oven, Hood, VTR Cooker, Refrigerator cards)

Elevator motor control systems and drives

Elevator TFT Indicators (SOM Module)

Military Access Control Systems (Smart Card, RFID, Fingerprint)

Digital design projects with FPGA

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