National Space Industry Committee (MUEK)

The purpose of SAHA Istanbul Space Committee is to encourage cluster companies to produce in the space and aviation sectors, inform, inform about projects, cluster around projects, provide a working environment with main contractors, benefit from the opportunities of our universities, bring production skills that are not in the country but must be, is to operate to fulfill many functions such as meeting critical material needs.


       The main duties of the Space Committee are as follows.

  • Ensuring the use of technology, talent and capacity of cluster companies for the development of Space Systems and the production of needed materials, devices, components and systems,
  • To determine Space Talent Needs in cooperation with institutions and organizations working on space systems such as the Turkish Space Agency (TUA) and TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute and to work in coordination with other Technical Committees to meet these needs,
  • To carry out project studies in order to assist in the design, production, integration and necessary tests of all kinds of products, technologies, systems, facilities, tools and equipment related to space and aviation, including satellite launch vehicles and systems, aircraft, simulators, space platforms,
  • To contribute to the development of Space Technology in our country by working with other stakeholders (universities, public institutions and organizations, domestic and foreign clusters and NGOs) operating in the space sector,
  • Contributing to the current situation analysis and the preparation of the future projection for the development of the sector,
  • Organizing coordination meetings at certain intervals in order to inform the institutions and organizations working on space technology and/or carrying out space studies about the possibilities and capabilities of SAHA Istanbul member companies, and for SAHA Istanbul member companies to be aware of the work of these institutions and organizations and to develop cooperation,
  • To contribute to the increase of technological and sector-oriented activities in the field of space and aviation in order to increase the domestic rate of the sector and move it to a higher level in international competition.