Interdata is a company, aiming to lead the sector by producing solutions suitable for different customer needs with its expert technical staff with knowledge in different technologies, quality products and services. Providing consultancy and training services with its knowledge, skills and abilities, determined to set market standards in terms of solution and service, maintaining the core values with its team, capable of creating and directing business opportunities by constantly following new technological developments. Interdata aims to be a preferred business partner in the market without compromising its ethical rules, business ethics and honesty.

Acknowledging the Total Quality philosophy as a principle, it has adopted the customer satisfaction as its priority with its continuous improvement studies. Interdata is aware that the most important way to ensure the continuity of this priority will be through developing, competent and qualified human resources. Interdata offers opportunities for all kinds of developments related to Human Resources Management in order to support the development of its employees in the institution in order to meet the expectations of its customers and the institutions that it offers services and products in the best way.

Our Values

  • To approach our employees with tolerance and making way for their improvements,
  • To be respectful to individuals and the environment,
  • To stand by our country with national and original solutions,
  • Doing our job with passion,
  • To provide sustainable quality products and services

Görüntü/Desen İşleme Teknolojisi (Image/Pattern Processing Technology)

Bilgisayar Yazılım Sistemleri Analiz ve Tasarım (Computer Software Systems Analysis and Design)

Yazılım Mühendisliği (Software Engineering)

Güneş Panelleri (Solar Panels)

Elektronik Destek Tedbirleri - Elektro-Optik (ESM - Electro-Optic)

Elektronik Karşı Tedbir - Elektro Optik (ESM - Electro Optical)

Elektronik Koruyucu Tedbirler - Elektro Optik (EPM - Electro Optical)

İnsansız Kara, Deniz ve Hava Araçları (Unmanned Land / Sea / Air Vehicles)

Entegre Sistem Test ve Değerlendirme (Integrated System Testing and Evaluation)

Operasyonel Sistemlerdeki Robotik ve Otomatik Sistemler (Robotics and Automated systems in Operational Systems)

Komuta Kontrol Görev Planlama (Command Control Mission Planning)

Komuta Kontrol Harekat Planlama (Command Control Operations Planning)

Komuta Kontrol Sistemleri (Command & Control)

Görüntü Sistemleri Teknolojileri (Display Systems)

Seyrüsefer Sistemleri (Navigation Systems)

Smart Home Systems

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Smart Personnel-Tracking Systems

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