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YazEvi Yazilim was established in 1995 by 3 young engineers to provide software solutions for industrial problems. Until 2000, YazEvi produced special solutions. Between 1998-2000, YazEvi developed a software development framework called XB + and laid the foundations for the products the company will develop later. In 2003, YazEvi launched the enterprise resource planning product called AVAKOZA ERP, which aims to manage all business processes of an enterprise. In 2010, YazEvi launched its reporting and business intelligence product called REPX STUDIO. In 2017, YazEvi launched its product called AVAMOBIL, which enables the use of ERP processes on mobile devices. With the "Digital Twin" project that YazEvi started in 2018, it aims to create a digital twin of a machine to increase efficiency in production. YazEvi Yazılım products are mostly used in the textile, automotive sub-industry, plastic injection and food production industries in Turkey, Egypt and Albania.

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