PARS Quality is an engineering and consultancy company that provides technical support services in the fields of system establishment, implementation, control and improvement for the management of the resources your business needs while carrying out its projects and operations.

In this context, in all processes, including the definition and documentation of all processes, starting from the design stage until the delivery of the product and service to the customer, the conformity control of the supplied material, the testing and inspection of semi-finished products and products; It carries out 2nd and 3rd party surveillance and inspection services at national and international standards with its expert, qualified and reliable team.

Defense industry, aerospace, medical, automotive, iron and steel, mining, power plants, cement factories, filling and storage facilities, railway etc. PARS Quality, which provides services in the industries, successfully completes all the projects it carries out and continues its strategic partnership and cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions and companies.

Lean Manufacturing / Project Management Processes Configuration
Surveillance and Audit Services
Destructive Tests ( Tensile, Bending, Notched Impact, Hardness, Breakage Test, Macro Analysis, Micro Analysis, Chemical Analysis)
Non-Destructive Testing (Radiographic Examination, Ultrasonic Test, Magnetic Particle Test, Liquid Penetrant Test, Visual Inspection)
Welding Engineering Services
Welder Certification
Training and Certification of NDT Personnel

Test ve Değerlendirme Tesisleri (T&E Facilities (Test and Evaluation Facilities))

Non-Destructive Testing Control (NDT)

Welding Engineering

Welding Personnel Certification

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