Arca Savunma Sanayi Ticaret Anonim Şirketi

Arca Defense Industry Trade. Inc.

Arca Defense Industry Trade Joint Stock Company started its activities in Ankara in 2020.

It started its activities in Çorum Sungurlu Organized Industrial Zone in 2022. Boxer Capsule Production Facility for Small Arms Ammunition has started production.

Production permission was also obtained for Heavy Ammunition Production and production started. Mortar Ammunition from 60 mm to 120 mm, 122 mm short and long range multi-barrel rocket launcher ammunition, 122-152-155 mm Artillery Ammunition are produced. It is planned to expand the product range by leaving reserve areas for ammunition of different models and diameters.

With its factory investment in Ankara, ARCA Defense will also produce the metal body of the Heavy Ammunition in its product range.

In addition, prototype production for the production of C4 from RDX-based plastic explosives has been successfully completed and a production permit application has been made.

Arca Defense continues its domestic and national investments and aims to represent our country in the international market by first meeting the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and then increasing our country's exports.

Roket ve Ramjet Motorları (Rocket Engines and Ramjets)

Harp Başlıkları (Warheads)

Projektörler: Derinlik Şarjı, Grenade, Roket, Vb. (Projectors: Depth Charge, Grenade, Rocket, Etc.)

Silahlar, Havuzlar, Harçlar Ve İlgili Ekipmanlar (Guns, Howitzers, Mortars and Related Equipment)

Top Ve Havuzlar, 30 Mm Üzerinde (Cannons and Howitzers, Over 30 mm.)

Top Veya Top Parçaları, 30 Mm Üzerinde (Artillery or Artillery Parts, Over 30 mm.)

Boxer Capsule for Small Arms Ammunition

Heavy Ammunition Production

Mortar Ammunition production

Short and Long Range Multi-Barreled Rocket Launcher Ammunition

Artillery Ammunition

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