3D Model Mühendislik Bilisim Makina ve Danışmanlık San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.

As 3D Model Engineering, we offer highly advanced engineering and production solutions in order to reduce the manufacturing cycles of companies, to find solutions to prototyping requirements and to increase efficiency in manufacturing processes. We also offer engineering, design, 3D modeling, 3D printing, measurement, analysis, verification, integration and quality control services for individual and corporate clients. At the same time, we cooperate with other companies that offer solutions in different fields, providing services in many areas from reverse engineering to simulation, from rehabilitation devices to 3D printers. With our engineering services, we support our stakeholders in challenging engineering and production processes and enable companies to produce better and more cost-effective products. Our professional equipment includes 3D printers, There are highly accurate and repeatable mobile CMMs, laser scanners and laser tracking systems. With our ISO 9001 certified services, you can accelerate your production efficiency, increase your production speed, increase your production efficiency and produce more cost-effective products.

İleri Prototipleme (Advanced Prototyping)

3D Optical Scanning

3D Area Scanning

Dimensional Analysis

Sample Part Inspection

Input Quality Control

Robot Calibration

Mold Inspection and Measurement

Fixture Inspection and Measurement

Reverse Engineering

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