We are the only local hydraulic dynamometer and testing systems manufacturing firm specialised in its field conducting long-term, controlled tests for all the rotating machines such as internal combustion engines, electric motor, turboprop, turboshaft, turbine motor, vehicle, transmission, transaxle etc. operating with Diesel, Gasoline, LPG, CNG or similar fuels under 100% of loads in the laboratory environment and providing service in the fields of production, design, integration, instalment, use, after-sales support, maintenance, repair, modernization etc. of dynamometers, sensors, conditioner, actuator, controller, mechanical systems, wastage measurement units and robotic arms used in these facilities. We manufacture with 80% and above local added value. Test systems including the dynamometer allowing turbine motors, Research & Development, revision, quality, lifespan, location and similar tests to be conducted under full load, in a controlled way independently from the environment conditions and time at a repeatable and traceable level and the results to be reported are manufactured by us domestically.

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