Founded in 2015, ADF Muhendislik has pursued a target of increasing domestic production in training, testing and measuring equipments by combining various engineering disciplines. The company completed one of its first large-scale projects with Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) training school. In 2016, our firm has built laboratory of fluids, heat, thermodynamics & mechanics and laboratory of avionics for TSK training school in Balikesir. With a young and dynamic team devoted to training technologies, ADF has researched and developed the very first aviation training sets produced in Turkey and established technical laboratories of 12 universities and 7 aviation high schools all around Turkey with 35 different products of its own. In addition to aviation training, the company also develops technologies for other disciplines like chemistry, physics, machinery, construction and, energy and extends its product line day by day. As a successful result, ADF has started to work directly with TUBITAK last year to increase the domestic production of science center equipments and developed many designs and products accordingly. Today, ADF works with youthful enthusiasm every day at its 1,000-m2 Cayirova research and manufacturing centre to transform knowledge and experience into technology and develop world class products.

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