DETS Dynamic Engineering and Technology Systems was established at March 2017 with twenty years of experience in the field of military land vehicles, R&D, design and engineering to provide design and engineering services to the defence industry in particular and also to the industries of machinery, automotive, energy, air vehicles and vessels.
DETS has extensive knowledge of wide and multifaceted production, design, analysis & simulation and tests, therefore can provide competent solutions.
DETS differs from other engineering companies, thanks to its comprehensive knowledge and considerable experience about military wheeled and tracked land vehicles.
DETS is competent on managing all engineering processes of a military project ranging from conceptual design, detailed design, technical data package preparation, analyses & simulations, developing sub-systems and planning and performing vehicle testing by taking part in all processes or it can take in charge in a specific section if needed.
DETS, continue design and R&D activities aiming new and indiginuous products and sub-systems.
DETS has ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Quality Sertifications.

Akustik ve Titreşim Sönümleyici Malzemeler (Acoustic & Vibration Absorbing Materials)

Dişli, Motorlu Araç (Gears, Motor Vehicle)

Product Development


Finite Element Analysis

Modeling and Simulation

Technical Data Package Preparation

Technical Analysis and Feasibility Reports

Assembly & Integration

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