İmarine Deniz Teknolojileri AŞ.

i-Marine Technologies and Research Inc. is the leading marine electronics manufacturer in Turkey with the focus of Maritime Management and Monitoring Systems.

By having own AIS engine, i-Marine offers a wide product portfolio covering AIS Transponders, AIS Receivers, AIS Shore Station, AIS AtoN Stations etc. where all are integrated via inhouse developed i-SEA Platform.

Being the only officially recognized local manufacurer of WAIS equipment and solutions in Turkey, we have installed our solutions on more than 30 naval platforms. Our variety of airborne, space and naval solutions enable national defence with situational awareness with custom modficiations upon need.

As for public and private port and sea traffic control systems solutions, iMarine has successfully implemented

  • SOTAS, the Turkish AIS AtoN network, under the Turkish Directorate of Coastal Safety(KEGM) with more than 600 AtoN ,
  • Istanbul Port Traffic Control System
  • Shipped more than 6000 Class B transponders

and many more.

RF Algılayıcılar/Aktif (RF Sensors/Active)

RF Algılayıcılar/Pasif (RF Sensors/ Passive)

Bilgi ve Veri Füzyon Teknolojisi (Information & Data Fusion Technology)

Coğrafi Bilgi Sistemleri-CBS (Geographic Information System)

Gemi Veri Dağıtım Sistemleri (Ship Data Distribution Systems)

Deniz Telsizleri ve Radar Ekipmanları (Marine Radios and Radar Equipment)

AIS Transponders and Receivers

Warship AIS (WAIS) and Airborne Transponders

Marine Monitoring Software

Marine Chart Displays

Custom Projects

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