MEGA FOAM Crosslink Technologies has started to production at its own factory in at the last quarter of 2018. MEGA FOAM aims to be the sector leader with its new innovations, and embraces the maximum customer satisfaction as the main principle. 

MEGA FOAM’s plant, with its wide and professional workforce and ability to produce 15 tons foam sheet per day, is established in total 10000 m² field with its 8000 m² closed area, and continues production to provide the high service quality to its customers.

MEGA FOAM has become the first and only company at Turkey, which produces the closed cell polyethylene sheets with the chemical crosslink technologies.

MEGA FOAM monitors the advanced technologies and improvements closely, provides opportunity for effective and efficient work environment by the most advanced machineries and equipments of the era, investments on R&D studies, and improved ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software system.

MEGA FOAM aims to be the sector leader, and to satisfy the needs big proportion of Turkey’s foam industry with its understanding of high level of service quality and maximum customer satisfaction. 

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