Our company mission is to prepare the working areas like heliport, helideck at the top level. It is to secure the work safety and the negative conditions such as accident collision which may be inconvenient and inconvenient for the activities after the formation is completed without any damage. As the followers of the technological changes of countries, our fast-developing world, we observers and consultants are tasked to follow and implement the standards on international platforms. We will continue to demonstrate that we have made efforts to ensure that our team and equipment are of high quality by providing training and experience in the awareness of our responsibilities. We are continuing our work with the consciousness that our beautiful country, which is precious to us, is worthy of the best for us. Our certification inspectors and consultants apply Turkish Loyd (TL), Lord Register (LR), Bureau Veritas (BV), NATO, Turkey General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM) helicopter platform and aviation equipment standards. To explain to which method the platform will be worked, the platform user will tell the staff, to inform the General Directorate of Turkish Civil Aviation of the information that will be the result of the certification.

Transferring our knowledge and experience about the helicopter platform to individuals and institutions, using the experience we have achieved on the field and achieving the best.
To incorporate world-wide standards in the construction and construction phase as indispensable elements of the specification.To give the most accurate information to the company employees in the fields to be consulted, to be the follower of today and tomorrow.

HeliPLAT is a platform and a hangar for Heliport and Helideck which has military platforms (land-sea), yachts, dry cargo ships, oil tankers, oil platforms, port emergency landing platforms, overhead building platforms, helicopter ambulance, helicopter taxi platforms and complete turn-key delivery with the material.

Havacılık Ekipman Ve Malzemeleri (Aeronautical Equipment and Supplies)

Savaş Alanı Mühendisliği (Battlefield Engineering)

Material Of Helicopter Accident İncident and Special clothing for deck personnel

Fire equipment and special fire clothing

Insulated helicopter grounding equipment

Fuel and service system equipment

Battery charging equipment

Visual Landing Support System (Lighting)

Service system (helicopter start-fuel-nitrogen-fresh water)

Deck equipment (Mapa-Puntel-Punter-chassis links)

Platform Painting

Communication Equipment

HANGAR (interior hardware and cover)

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