Our founder İbrahim EREN, starting his career at a young age, has worked in the fields of steel structure, manufacturing, consultancy, inspection and certification for more than 20 years. Having been in the field of welded steel construction and manufacturing for long periods, he realized that the training of welding engineers, welding specialists, welding inspectors and welders, although insufficient or sufficient, was open to improvement. This development has foreseen that welding engineers and welding operators should work integratedly in the welding industry and that the industry is in a continuous improvement with welding technology.

It has become very clear that we can train people who have a reliable and positive attitude, and those who receive training and courses and graduate with certificates will provide.

We have a large list of companies that will contribute to their employment by training and developing trained engineers, specialists and welders. Reliability, guaranteed and proven training methods brought by our Welding Academy will make your future successful and respected!

We invite you to meet with people who have received current and past training or courses, people working in the field, and many people and companies who have hired and experienced the job with our reference. Global Welding School was established to be a branded welding school in every sector where welding is present, both at home and abroad.

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Welding Machines, Welding Consumables, Measuring Tools, Other Manufacturing Materials

Only our member companies can benefit.

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