Armsto Konnektör A.Ş

As ARMSTO, we set out with the aim of delivering products to the Turkish defense and aerospace sector that do not lag behind, or even surpass, international competition in terms of quality, both in much shorter delivery times and in a more cost-effective manner.

Our first stop on this path will be for Turkey to reach a point where it does not need to import connectors. When we reach this stop, our defense and aviation industry; It will reach a point in the field of connectors that is not affected by secret or open embargoes, can offer platforms and systems that are not subject to export control, and is ahead of the competition in matters such as delivery times and costs.

Our second stop on our journey will be to export connectors from Turkey to the world. For this reason, we have already planned and started our investments and business development activities. Our goal is for ARMSTO to be a company with an annual turnover of 200 million dollars by 2028.

Bağlantı, Kablo ve Kablaj Teknolojileri (Connectors, Cable and Cabling Technologies)



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