RMC Mühendislik Limited Şirketi

Our company was established in 1990 to provide engineering services and produce engineering products of our own design. RMC Engineering, which has undertaken many successful products and projects, went into a new structure in 2009 and started to offer engineering services and products for companies operating in the field of R&D.

RMC Engineering offers consultancy and project services as well as the software and hardware needed for product development. Our experienced engineering staff aims to contribute to product development processes with analyses, simulations and test-measurement studies.

Airborne Data Acquisition Sytems

Airborne Data Acquisition Sensors

Airborne Data Acquisition Services

Environmental Test Systems

Environmental Test Services

Strain Gage Force, Accelerometer Torque, Displacement, Acoustics, Pressure, Impact Hammers Current Clamps Steering Torque Sensor Wheel Force-Torque Civil Engineering Sensors

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