ARGEMSAN Educational Technologies was established in Balıkesir in 2014 to serve in the education, experiment and test equipment sector. It produces training sets for universities and vocational high schools in the fields of Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Renewable Energy, Air Conditioning, Heating Systems, Cooling Systems, Control Systems, Energy Efficiency, Plumbing and Electricity. It also carries a first of its kind in Turkey within the scope of activities of ARGEMSAN, who want to realize their academic studies higher education institutions and academics in other educational institutions, P & D to the private sector wishing to work and defense industry companies for R & D and innovation activities are producing results projects and SPECIAL EXPERIMENT and TEST EQUIPMENT production of such projects effectively continues its activities.
ARGEMSAN is the first company which produce experiment and test equipment in Turkey, supports many institutions and organizations for R & D activities. It continues to expand its fields of activity and increase its production capacity with its past experiences. ARGEMSAN, which develops its system with continuous improvements that emphasize research, development and innovation by closely following modern technology, makes a difference in its products by giving importance to the original design. Our company continues its activities as a reliable brand in its sector without giving up its established principles. It is expanding its domestic and international sales every day by offering economic products and services on the time without sacrificing quality.
Our company continues to contribute to the development of our country by producing special experimental and test devices with its qualified engineers and technical team.

Akışkanlar Mekaniği - Fenomenolojik ve Deneysel (Fluid Mechanics - Phenomenological & Experimental)

Mekanik/Hidrolik/ Pnömatik Teknolojileri ve Cihazları (Mechanical/Hydraulic/ Pneumatic Technologies & Devices)

Termal ve Termodinamik Teknolojiler ve Cihazlar (Thermal & Thermodynamic Technologies & Devices)

Heat Transfer Training Set

Fluids Mechanics Training Set

Electric-Electronic Training Set

Thermodynamic Training Set

Renewable Energy Training Set

Air Conditioning Training Set

Heating Systems Training Set

Refrigeration System Training Set

Control Systems Training Set

Energy Efficiency Training Set

Sanitary Plumbing Training Set

Shıppıng And Shıp Machıne Training Set

Automotive Training Set

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