Novu Technology Group was established in 2022 to become a leading provider of innovative unmanned and autonomous vehicle systems. NovuTech has delivered technology across a vast range of customer applications ranging from dam inspections, aquaculture, ship inspections, law enforcement, wastewater & drinking water management, marine surveillance, agriculture, oceanography, hydrography (to mention some). Behind this success of NovuTech that develops unmanned technologies for the local and global industry, there are gifted human sources that are producing and managing technology.

Our unmanned and autonomous vehicle systems operate in the air and on the surface. Our team delivers highly customized solutions tailored to the customer needs, based on our standard products and core competence in control-engineering, software, mechanical design and system integration. As a system provider, we offer training and after-sales programs, rentals, intervention options and early phase operations and services.

With an office in beautiful city Istanbul (#proudlyfromistanbul) and strong connections to leading technology companies, NovuTech is proud to be an international player that pushes the boundaries within innovative and technological systems and services. We diversify our technology-based activities for the needs of the public and private sector and we produce a wide range of innovative solutions ranging from civil aviation and agriculture to health and energy. With its high-tech solutions, NovuTech continues today to create value for its distinguished customers worldwide, in the projects that require high technology.

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