Erkan METE


Erkan Mete gave birth in 1975. Erkan Mete, a graduate of Austrian High School, graduated from Koç University, Department of Business Administration in 1999, and majored in Maritime Business and International Logistics at the University of Playmouth in England.


He first started to work at Sedef Gemi İnşaat A.Ş., one of the group companies, in 2001, and later worked in Hamburg, Germany, between 2004-2011, in charge of German investments. During this period, Kalkavan ShipManagement GmbH & Co., one of the group companies. He worked as the General Manager of KG. After returning to Turkey, the position of Turkon Holding Financial Affairs Director (CFO) was reserved for the group's duties related to all ship management and shipownership activities. Concurrently, Erkan Mete, who has been serving as the General Manager of Sedef Gemi İnşaat A.Ş until 2018, is also a Member of the Board of Directors of Turkon Container Transportation and Shipping A.Ş.

Erkan Mete, who is married and has three children, speaks German and English very well. Erkan Mete is a member of the TÜDEV Board of Trustees and the Turkish Maritime Council, as well as a congress member of the Galatasaray Sports Club.