Raising tomorrow's pioneer individuals with applied original program designs and advanced education and training techniques, producing and developing advanced technology in basic engineering fields, especially defense technologies and agricultural sciences, with research-oriented graduate programs; It is an entrepreneurial university that contributes to science and society at a local and global level, adhering to fundamental values.

Its roots extend to the historical, moral and scientific heritage of geography, and its branches extend to the horizons where contemporary scientific developments have emerged; to bring new methods to the field of higher education with its staff, students, graduates and stakeholders, to contribute to universal knowledge by closely following the developments in science and technology; To become one of the leading universities on a global scale, aiming to transform knowledge into products and transfer academic knowledge to the sector by introducing new approaches in university-industry cooperation.

The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics departments and departments will provide R&D services to the defense industry sector, and with leading defense companies such as ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, TÜBİTAK SAGE, TUBİTAK UZAY and TAI The curriculum contents and the program design process continue to be designed with the aforementioned institutions.