Before our center was officially established, preparations aimed at semiconductor-based advanced technology R&D and production-oriented studies were initiated in the early 2000s and experimental studies startedin 2006. As a result of these studies, the infrastructure of the “Cumhuriyet University Nanotechnology Research Center” was established with the support of the Government Planning Organization and started its activities in the campus area. The ResearchCenter was renamed “Cumhuriyet University Nanophotonics Application and Research Center (CUNAM)” in 2013.The CUNAM Regulation acceptedin the Turkey Official Gazette No. 28781, dated 30.09.2013.

The training of the manpower that will work in the center is just starting at the undergraduate level, and graduate students research have been supported. The number of qualified projects and publications have prepared in a short time as a result of the work of CUNAM researchers from the beginning of the CUNAM. As of the end of 2020, CUNAM has signed many works by receiving project support of approximately 20 million TL, most of which are external resources. These projects are TUBITAK 1007-Public Institutions Research and Development Projects, TUBITAK 1003- Priority Areas R&D Projects, TUBITAK 1001- Scientific and Technological Research Projects, Defense Industry Presidency Projects, ASELSAN Projects and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Projects.. In this  project, CUNAM conducts basic research in addition to it is an indication that our country’s national and domestic defense technology is working in line with its strategic goals.